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Paul Lévy

Verified data

Name Paul Lévy
Gender M
Birth date 1886-09-15 10:00
Place Paris (FR)


Trust level 2

Name details

Family name Lévy
Given name Paul
Official name
Family Lévy
Given Paul Pierre

Birth time details

Legal time 1886-09-15 10:00

Birth place details

Name Paris
Country FR (France)
Admin level 2 75
Admin level 3 5


Open Gauquelin Database levy-paul-1886-09-15
Wikidata Q441127

Information sources


Informations transcribed from this document
Official family name Lévy
Official given name Paul Pierre
Birth date 1886-09-15 10:00
Birth place Paris

Information source

Type Birth certificate
Name Archives de Paris 1886 , Naissances , 05 V4E 5737
Place Paris , 75 (5)
Internet availability
Page 27 / 31
Original name of the image: archives_AD075EC_V4E_05737_0120.JPG

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Original birth certificate

History of this document

  • 2023-05-14, Thierry Graff: Locate the act and add to

Successive commands issued with Gauquelin5 program to build this person, and corresponding retained values.

Command: wiki bc add levy-paul-1886-09-15

Information source Birth certificate
Execution date 2023-05-14T19:15:43+02:00
Raw data:
{ "url": "See Birth certificate transcription" }
New values:
{ "birth": { "date": "1886-09-15 10:00", "place": { "c2": "75", "c3": "5", "cy": "FR", "name": "Paris" } }, "ids-in-sources": { "wd": "Q441127" }, "name": { "given": "Paul", "official": { "family": "Lévy", "given": "Paul Pierre" } }, "occus": [ "mathematician" ], "partial-ids": { "wd": "Q441127" }, "sex": "M" }