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Open Gauquelin Database Downloads

Most downloadable files are in CSV format, which contain only part of the information of the database.
The only file containing the full information is the postgresql dump (see below).
If you need a specific format or different extracts, contact me.
You can also generate the database from scratch on your own machine, see gauquelin5 program.
The downloadable CSV files are provided in two different formats :

Download full database

Download historical datasets

Files coming from the history of statistical tests on astrology can be downloaded from page Historical datasets.

Download CSV lists by occupation (profession)

See the page containing the lists by occupation.

Other downloads

Auxiliary files, like scans of original documents, can be downloaded from

Format of the downloadable CSV files

The downloadable CSV files do not all have the same format. For example, outputs of the historical files (Gauquelin, Müller, Ertel, skeptics) sometimes contain fields coming from the original source (like Gauquelin sector position, eminence indications).

But some fields are standardized, the list below describe them.
Field name Comments
OGID Open Gauquelin Database unique id
Looks like alard-pierre-1937-09-17.
See the definition of OGDB unique id.
WDID Wikidata unique id
Looks like Q41390.
Corresponds to the Wikidata id of an entity.
GQID Gauquelin unique id
Looks like A2-721.
Identifies records published by Gauquelin laboratory (LERRCP).
See the definition of Gauquelin unique id.
G55ID Gauquelin 1955 unique id
Looks like 02-329.
See the definition of Gauquelin 1955 unique id.
MUID Müller unique id
Looks like M1-325.
See the definition of Müller unique id.
ERID Ertel unique id
Looks like ES-326 ; concerns only sportspersons.
See the definition of Ertel unique id.
CSID CSICOP unique id
Looks like CS-153 ; concerns only sportspersons.
See The definition of CSICOP unique id.
CPID Comité Para unique id
Looks like CP-153 or CP-*56 ; concerns only sportspersons.
See The definition of Comit Para unique id.
CFID CFEPP unique id
Looks like CF-153 ; concerns only sportspersons.
See The definition of CFEPP unique id.
FNAME Family name.
GNAME Given name.
FAME Fame name: scene name, pseudonym, sometimes different from the birth certificate.
NOB Nobiliary particle.
DATE Legal date = date and time as written in the birth certificate.
Format ISO 8601 of this form : YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM.
Example : 2017-05-03 09:30.
Timezone offset is not included ; hour precision is minute (seconds omited).
DATE-UT Date and time converted to universal time.
TZO Timezone offset, see definition on page
Geographical information
PLACE Birth place name.
CY Country code of birth place ; ISO 3166, 2 letters format.
C1 Administrative division level 1 of birth place
Means "province" in Italy, or "state" in the USA.
Corresponds to ADM1 in ("first-order administrative division").
C2 Administrative division level 2 of birth place
Means "département" in France.
Corresponds to ADM2 in ("second-order administrative division").
C3 Administrative division level 3 of birth place
Used for "arrondissements" (Paris, Lyon, Marseille) = division of a big city in different parts.
Does NOT correspond to ADM3 in ; in, different arrondissements are modeled as different PLACE, and have different geonames id.
GEOID unique identifier of birth place.
LG Longitude of birth place in decimal degrees.
LAT Latitude of birth place in decimal degrees.
Other fields
G Gender
F or M in general.
OCCU Occupation codes, as listed in page listing persons by occupation.
When a person has more than one occupation code, the codes are separated by "+". Ex : politician+writer means that the person is identified as a politician and a writer.
EM Eminence ; this notion is important but not yet integrated in OGDB. The only eminence indicator currently present comes from Ertel's work on athletes published in 1988.