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Other data
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This page contains links to data not included in Open Gauquelin database.

Castille data

Didier Castille had access to the data of INSEE (French institute of statistics) and conducted studies with millions of dates. This led him to observe statistical anomalies.
See links to his articles on
Didier Castille agreed to make these data publicly available but he wants to stress the following points:

Chess and Go study

List of 1 495 top-level chess and go players.
Each line contain only name and birth date.
This file was sent by Pierre Hérau on 2022-09-27
The data comes from a study originally conducted by Christophe de Cene in 1993 (see article in French), who published a revisited version in 2014 (see article in French). A new version of this study, « Study of Mercury/Saturn aspects in top-ranked Chess and Go players’ birth skies », was conducted by Pierre Hérau in 2022.
It shows an excess of Conjunction Mercury/Saturn compared with Opposition.