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Lebesgue Henri

Verified data

Name Lebesgue Henri
Gender M
Birth date 1875-06-28 07:00
Place Beauvais (FR)

Name details

Family name Lebesgue
Given name Henri
Official name
Family Lebesgue
Given Léon Henri

Birth time details

Legal time 1875-06-28 07:00

Birth place details

Name Beauvais
Country FR (France)
Admin level 2 60



Open Gauquelin Database lebesgue-henri-1875-06-28

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Informations transcribed from this document
Official family name Lebesgue
Official given name Léon Henri
Birth date 1875-06-28 07:00
Birth place Beauvais

Information source

Type Birth certificate
Name 2MI/ECA 057 R9 BEAUVAIS NMD 1874, septembre-1875
Place Beauvais , 60
Internet availability
Page 381 / 760
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Act n° 437

OGDB integration

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History of this document

  • 2021-01-21, Thierry Graff: Locate and download the act
  • 2023-01-25, Thierry Graff: Transcribe the act and add to

Successive commands issued with Gauquelin5 program to build this person, and corresponding retained values.

Command: wiki bc add lebesgue-henri-1875-06-28

Information source bc
Execution date 2023-03-02T20:44:33+01:00
Raw data:
{ "": "1875-06-28 07:00", "": "60", "": "FR", "": "Beauvais", "": "Lebesgue", "name.given": "Henri", "": "Lebesgue", "name.official.given": "Léon Henri", "sex": "M" }
New values:
{ "birth": { "date": "1875-06-28 07:00", "place": { "c2": "60", "cy": "FR", "name": "Beauvais" } }, "name": { "family": "Lebesgue", "given": "Henri", "official": { "family": "Lebesgue", "given": "Léon Henri" } }, "sex": "M" }