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Germain Sophie

Verified data

Name Germain Sophie
Gender F
Birth date 1776-04-01
Place Paris (FR)
It is probably not possible to know
the birth time of this person

Name details

Family name Germain
Given name Sophie
Official name
Family Germain
Given Marie Sophie

Birth time details

Legal time 1776-04-01

Birth place details

Name Paris
Country FR (France)
Admin level 2 75



Open Gauquelin Database germain-sophie-1776-04-01

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Informations transcribed from this document
Official family name Germain
Official given name Marie Sophie
Birth date 1776-04-01
Birth place Paris

Information source

Type Birth certificate
Name Actes de l'état civil reconstitué, registre 5Mi1 51
Place Paris , 75
Internet availability
Page 8, 9, 10 / 51
Direct link to the document doesn't seem to work.
To find this act, go to "Archives de Paris, Actes de l'état civil reconstitué (naissances et mariages)"
In the form : "Type d'acte" : Naissances ; "Date de l'acte" : 01/04/1776
On the result page, click on document "5Mi1 51"

OGDB integration

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Original birth certificate
Original birth certificate

History of this document

  • 2021-05-16, Thierry Graff: Locate and transcibe the act
  • 2023-01-27, Thierry Graff: Add to

Successive commands issued with Gauquelin5 program to build this person, and corresponding retained values.

Command: wiki bc add germain-sophie-1776-04-01

Information source bc
Execution date 2023-03-02T20:44:33+01:00
Raw data:
{ "": "1776-04-01", "birth.notime": true, "": "75", "": "FR", "": "Paris", "": "Germain", "name.official.given": "Marie Sophie", "sex": "F" }
New values:
{ "birth": { "date": "1776-04-01", "notime": true, "place": { "c2": "75", "cy": "FR", "name": "Paris" } }, "name": { "official": { "family": "Germain", "given": "Marie Sophie" } }, "sex": "F" }